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Super Restoration of Palm Beach has been renovating local health care facilities for nearly three decades. Our technicians have the training and practice needed to handle any emergency disaster recuperation work that we do. Whether you work for a hospital, a rehabilitation center, or a suite of offices when disaster hits, you need a crew of reliable and convenient restoration professionals. Plus, our emergency response contractors are on call 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Renovation Services for Health Care Buildings

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Super Restoration’s health care facility restoration services are offered to minimize more damages from taking place and remediating damages that have already occurred. We have first-hand knowledge in renovating various health care facilities, including rehabilitation centers, dental offices and hospitals. It’s important for patients to have a safe facility to find treatment. If your health care facility has gone through anything from water and mold damage to fire and smoke damage, it’s essential to have a professional fix the devastation. Because of our experience with renovating property damage to health care centers, you can count on Super Restoration.

The damage recuperation crew at Super Restoration performs exhaustive evaluations when they’re on the job. This encompasses:

  • Mold inspections and removal
  • Water damage remediation
  • Dehumidification
  • Fire and smoke damage renovation
  • Biohazard removal services
  • Content cleaning
  • Document restoration
  • Emergency power and reconstruction

Experienced Damage Recovery Specialists

Southern Florida is prone to natural disasters, and Super Restoration understands how fundamental it is for health care facilities to stay in operation. If your structure’s foundation is damaged, it can be exposed to water damage, which makes it predisposed to mold. With us, our damage specialists look out for this sort of thing so that you can be sure your health care facility is in good shape. When we’re on the job, we’ll inspect for any hints of framework deterioration and mold. If your building has sustained damage from a disastrous event, we’ll make sure that the damage is handled correctly. Whether it’s smoke, flood, mold or water, Super Restoration has handled it all in Palm Beach.

Super Restoration is Foremost in the Business

For over three decades, Super Restoration has provided the Southern Florida community with masterful health care facility restorations. Our careful focus on detail and prompt service makes us a perfect fit for hospitals and clinics that need fast and exhaustive solutions. We know how serious it is to have a highly functional facility to treat patients immediately. That’s why we take it upon ourselves to make the necessary accommodations to ensure that your center can continue running during the facility restoration process. When you reach out to our resolute crew, you can expect a response all year-round.

Contact Our Team Now

If you are a health care expert or hospital manager in Southern Florida, reach out to Super Restoration for terrific health care facility restoration services. Whether you’re concerned with the aftermath of fire, water or mold damage, we have the competence to take care of it for you. We’ve assisted countless facilities in elder care, physical therapy and other specialties to make for a cleaner environment for their patients. Reach out to our contractors in Southern Florida at 561-477-5854 to find out more about our health care facility damage renovations.